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- WHO ? -
HELP ME TO:  TRAIN & LOOK GOOD                                                                      DISPLAY:  PROGRESS / LAPS / DISTANCE / TIME / CALORIES

 - Could we speak the language of dolphins? - 
For 28 years, Denise Herzing has spent five months each summer living with a pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins, following three generations of family relationships and behaviors. It's clear they are communicating with one another — but is it language? Could humans use it too? She shares a fascinating new experiment to test this idea.
 - SIGNS -
Diver communications are the methods used by divers to communicate with each other or with surface members of the dive team.
In professional diving, communication is usually between a single working diver and the diving supervisor at the surface control point. This is considered important both for managing the diving work, and as a safety measure for monitoring the condition of the diver. The traditional method of communication was by line signals, but this has been superseded by voice communication, and line signals are now used in emergencies when voice communications have failed. Surface supplied divers often carry a closed circuit video camera on the helmet which allows the surface team to see what the diver is doing and to be involved in inspection tasks. This can also be used to transmit hand signals to the surface if voice communications fails.
 - Hand Signals & Sign Language  - 
- Glowing life in an underwater world - 
Some 80 to 90 percent of undersea creatures make light -- and we know very little about how or why. Bioluminescence expert Edith Widder explores this glowing, sparkling, luminous world, sharing glorious images and insight into the unseen depths (and brights) of the ocean.
- The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence -
In the deep, dark ocean, many sea creatures make their own light for hunting, mating and self-defense. Bioluminescence expert Edith Widder was one of the first to film this glimmering world. At TED2011, she brings some of her glowing friends onstage, and shows more astonishing footage of glowing undersea life.
- The brilliance of bioluminescence -
Some lucky animals are naturally endowed with bioluminescence, or the ability to create light. The firefly, the anglerfish, and a few more surprising creatures use this ability in many ways, including survival, hunting, and mating. Leslie Kenna investigates this magical glow - and our quest to replicate it.
- SpORT & RhYTHM -
If you think about it… everything we do has a rhythm or ‘beat’… our heart, the way we talk, walk, run, or generally move! Yet, we hardly point this out to our athletes. The ability to dictate and control the specific rhythm of any given skill, we call it ‘correct timing’ and pacing, is the difference between a truly great performance, the good or the average one.
Rhythm should be developed during early skill learning because it plays a significant role in the ability to change direction and move extremities with ease (limbs) in synchronized or opposite action. Rhythm training should be a critical component in coaching but is frequently neglected, under-taught, or lacks constant reinforcement, which makes them robotic (machine-like), lacking the necessary movement ‘flow.’ 
One way to teach rhythm is to incorporate Ballet-type movements into the daily programs. These exercises are modified from classical ballet but are performed to set counts and, of course, music, rhythm or beat. Using a popular ‘beat’ is a powerful mood enhancer and relaxation mode, and becomes a great motivational, and/or visualization tool. The approach works especially for beginer athletes because they really like to move to musicmusic, rhythm or beat! It makes it ‘FUN-ner’ !
Human swimming is the self propulsion of a person through water or other liquid, for survival, recreation, sport, exercise or other reason. Locomotion is achieved through co-ordinated movement of the limbs, the body, or both, following a natural rhythm.
- CompetiTION -
   Nike fuel band                                                                                                                                                                                       Mutewatch
   Jawbone                                                                                                                                                                                                         Misfit
AQUQTRACK is a flexible UP bracelet uses a motion sensor in conjunction with algorithms to track, measure activity and coach you to progress in your swimming workout. It calculates calories burned as well as the intensity and duration of movement.
 - Make every swim count - See your progress at a glance -
Get a quick summary of your key swim stats on the dashboard. Keep track of your total distance and swim activity. Quickly scroll through and see your progress week after week
After your training session, when you plug your Aquatrack Band into your computer, your datas are automatically uploaded on the Speedo.com. You can then have access to your Personal Speedo Fit Tracking.
Freestyle Swimming Technique | Stroke
Freestyle Swimming Technique | Body Positioning
Freestyle Swimming Technique | Kick
Freestyle Swimming Technique | Breathing
                                                                                                                                                       CALORIES / STROKE TYPE / LIVE FEEDBACK

HELP ME TO:   TRACK  & MEASURE / ACHIEVE MY GOALS /                                   DISPLAY:  APP - SOFTWARE / PROGRESS / LAPS /        
                                      TRAIN HARDER / LOOK GOOD                                                                               DISTANCE / TIME / CALORIES                  
                                                                                                                                                                         STROKE TYPE - EFFICIENCY/         
                                                                                                                                                                             POST TRAINING REVIEW

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