This project came from a series of work i have done about sensorial and memories design.
Using sensations, feelings, smells, touches, tastes and sounds  as  raw materials  to design.
I wanted to work through the all design process with a certain naivety: 

- Picking a strong sensorial experience from my childhood
- Taking the main elements 
- Translating those sensations into reality.

When i m thinking back about confort and well being, i remember this afternoons spent in my garden, playing and napping.
I would always take a big jumper from my parents wardrobe, the kind of Irish jumper, the raw wool one, cream colour with heavy texture. It was nice, warm and soft  at the same time, perfect when the afternoon was becoming a bit child and that was a great matt to lie down.
I was always going at the back of the garden, where there were a lot of moss, like a big puffy matelas. Lying down here, i could smell the grass and the flowers around me, looking at the clouds and feeling the sun on my face. 

 I remember  the puffiness of the ground, the warmness and softness of the jumper, the smell of the garden and the sound of the wind in the trees

What a great spot to have a nap!

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